FRANKLIN Concept House
Under construction
19 300 m²

Either write a book worth reading, or do something worth writing a book.

Benjamin Franklin

In the center of the capital, we are creating the first five-star house in Kiev. It is intended for people who demand the best for themselves and their loved ones. For those who choose the rhythm of Kiev city and the comfort of the historical center. For those who value security, privacy and reliability. For those who do not pursue changeable fashion, having found their own elegant style.

A place with a soul is indisputable, as you can describe FRANKLIN Concept House. The soul of this house is unique and multifaceted – it consists of the legends of old Kiev, from the aspirations of the people who created this house, and the cherished desires of those who will live in it.


Conception: Pakhomov (“Buro”)

Construction documents: “Terra project”

Developing: “SAGA Development”

FRANKLIN Concept House
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About Terra project

Founded in 2012, the company has extensive experience in building architectural assets over 6 years. In the presence of many well-known architectural bureaus, there was a shortage of effective project management, which became the main idea behind the creation and further development of the company.

The main strategy of the company focuses on the quality and speed of adaptation of projects, both in-house and in-house, from the first outlines to the execution of working drawings and approval in the state architectural and construction inspection of Ukraine.

With the introduction of Information Modeling (VIM) technologies and a system of coordination between design participants, we improve the quality of project documentation, which reduces the time of design, construction and saves customer costs.

Among the 10 largest developers of Kiev 6 have chosen our company as a general designer. The result of our hard work is 1.6 million square meters of residential development, more than 250 administrative and individual properties, more than 20 gas stations and industrial sites.

Today, the company employs more than 110 highly qualified specialists who design based on information modeling of facilities and modern facilities. Among them are 2 Candidates of Engineering, 8 Certified Architects, 7 Certified Engineers, 3 Experts in Technical Inspection of Buildings and Structures. Introduced a system for processing, exchange and storage of information, 3D modeling.

The company also has experience in executing contracts with budget financing (reconstruction of the Bessarabian market, detailed plans for the construction of the city of Kyiv, development of a scheme of temporary structures of commercial, household and socio-cultural purpose, etc.).

The company has the experience of developing its own projects and implementing the concepts of other architectural bureaus of different countries, adapting the project according to building codes of Ukraine, passing expertise, construction supervision (Drozdov & Partners, BuroO, ZGF architects, etc).