RESIDENT Concept House
Under construction
9 900 m²

Description of the project

RESIDENT Concept House combines all the benefits of a club format: limited number of apartments, location in the historical and business center of the capital, use of modern technologies in house maintenance.

The residential complex is located on 86A Volodymyrska Street. From here you will get to the main architectural monuments of the city, objects of business and cultural infrastructure.


We are sure that happiness is measured by beauty. A good life, a good family, good people around … And also the beauty that you create every day due to your creative energy and your taste.

That’s why we pay so much attention to creating a unique aesthetic that has become a recognizable feature of the RESIDENT Concept House. Bright facade with spacious terraces with bushes and trees. The first floors are decorated with metal that resembles ancient gold. Works of contemporary art in public spaces. Beauty should surround you not only in your apartments, but also beyond!


  • The building is surrounded by architectural monuments, cultural establishments and other places of power
  • Rich infrastructure – dozens of cafes, restaurants, shops and shopping malls
  • A small community of residents, inherent in the clubhouse
  • Thoughtful aesthetics and ergonomics of public spaces
  • A state-of-the-art security system that fully respects privacy
  • Good location – in the historic city center, at the intersection of key transport arteries
  • Near the house is a picturesque park of Shevchenko, Botanical garden and many other places for walking

Underground parking

Today, underground parking has become an integral part of residential complex infrastructure. There are good reasons for this:

  • Parking on the ground floor and ground floors significantly saves the area of ​​the adjoining territory, which allows developers to fully realize the concept of home improvement.
  • The presence of a parking space makes LCD more attractive to investors. Every driver is interested in protecting his car from rain, snow and temperature fluctuations.
  • Underground parking helps to streamline transport infrastructure by dividing space into pedestrian areas and driveways. Designing a parking lot in the house provides space for bicycle parking, which also addresses the issue of bicycle storage.

The safe and green yards where there is a playground area and a seating area are the result not only of the proper design of the residential complex, but also a sign of concern for the comfortable living of its inhabitants.

It will be located on two levels and will have 38 parking spaces. The maximum area will be 12.5 m², the minimum – 7.6 m², so owners of a smart car or SUV will be able to choose a parking space that is optimal for their car. For the convenience of residents and guests of the LCD in the underground parking will work elevator, so leaving the car, its owner can immediately rise to its floor.

Parking facilities will meet all safety requirements – each floor will be equipped with a fire alarm system and smoke detectors. In the underground premises of the Resident Residential Complex a water fire extinguishing system was designed. We also provided fire escape and additional exits.


Conception: Pakhomov (“Buro”)

Construction documents: “Terra project”

Development: “SAGA Development”

RESIDENT Concept House
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About Terra project

Founded in 2012, the company has extensive experience in building architectural assets over 6 years. In the presence of many well-known architectural bureaus, there was a shortage of effective project management, which became the main idea behind the creation and further development of the company.

The main strategy of the company focuses on the quality and speed of adaptation of projects, both in-house and in-house, from the first outlines to the execution of working drawings and approval in the state architectural and construction inspection of Ukraine.

With the introduction of Information Modeling (VIM) technologies and a system of coordination between design participants, we improve the quality of project documentation, which reduces the time of design, construction and saves customer costs.

Among the 10 largest developers of Kiev 6 have chosen our company as a general designer. The result of our hard work is 1.6 million square meters of residential development, more than 250 administrative and individual properties, more than 20 gas stations and industrial sites.

Today, the company employs more than 110 highly qualified specialists who design based on information modeling of facilities and modern facilities. Among them are 2 Candidates of Engineering, 8 Certified Architects, 7 Certified Engineers, 3 Experts in Technical Inspection of Buildings and Structures. Introduced a system for processing, exchange and storage of information, 3D modeling.

The company also has experience in executing contracts with budget financing (reconstruction of the Bessarabian market, detailed plans for the construction of the city of Kyiv, development of a scheme of temporary structures of commercial, household and socio-cultural purpose, etc.).

The company has the experience of developing its own projects and implementing the concepts of other architectural bureaus of different countries, adapting the project according to building codes of Ukraine, passing expertise, construction supervision (Drozdov & Partners, BuroO, ZGF architects, etc).